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I can’t tell the distinction between commonplace yield and high yield.
The high-yield cartridge could be a far better price than the quality yield. This doesn’t forever mean that there’ll be a distinction within the size or look of the cartridge itself.

High-yield cartridges can have a way higher page yield at solely a rather higher worth, creating the value per page abundant lower.

I can’t produce a brand new positive identification.
Keep in mind that you just will solely have one active positive identification at a time. this implies that if you’ve got requested a brand new positive identification, you’ll now not be ready to use your recent one. This conjointly means if you arrange to use Associate in Nursing incorrect or inactive positive identification multiple times, you’ll be fast out of your account and can now not be ready to created a brand new positive identification.

Why will the cartridge I received look bigger/smaller/different than the OEM?
There can be some physical variations between the merchandise that you just see on-line and what you receive within the mail. that’s typically the results of the repair method that we tend to place our remanufactured merchandise through. generally components got to get replaced or repaired which can cause slight changes in their look.

These changes do not have an effect on the performance of the cartridge, however they really make sure that the performance remains at the extent that you just expect.

How do i buy discounts (coupons)?
The main 2 ways that to urge up-to-date coupons and access to sales would be to hitch or listing and to follow our Social Media accounts. Through the mail, you’ll have coupons delivered on to your inbox and our Facebook and Twitter pages have coupon codes and exclusive sales for our customers.

Why is that the ink level reading low or empty?
Some cartridges and printers don’t seem to be ready to provide correct measurements of ink levels of remanufactured merchandise as a result of they’re merely estimating supported use. The machine views the cartridge in concert that has already written a precise range of pages which method can not be reset once the cartridge is refilled.

If you discover yourself during this state of affairs, you’ll typically still print. However, you’ll got to keep track your use of ink as you go.

Why ar the remanufactured and compatible cartridges most cheaper?
It merely prices less to supply our remanufactured and compatible merchandise than it will for OEM’s. From the value of materials to countervailing the value of the machines that they work with, printer corporations have abundant higher prices related to their merchandise. we tend to merely pass those savings on to our customers.

What ar remanufactured and compatible cartridges and the way do they disagree from OEMs?
Our remanufactured cartridges ar printer-brand cartridges that are used once, cleaned, repaired, refilled, and tested before being oversubscribed once more. Ours ar satisfaction bonded and far more cost-effective than OEM choices.

Compatible cartridges ar fresh ink and toner cartridges that are created specifically for your printer a bit like an aftermarket. The materials ar spick-and-span as is that the ink or toner within. These partners also are 100 percent satisfaction.

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